Kava & Kratom Bar

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Kava & Kratom Bar

Kava Bar in Wilmington, NC

Life can be stressful. If you’re recovering from an injury or you’re having a long week at work, you need a safe and healthy way to manage your stress. When you come to our kava bar and kratom bar, we will make it easy to relax and unwind. We provide a place for friends to gather and catch up with each other, all the while enjoying delicious kratom tea and kava solutions. 

Kava Bar Wilmington, NC

Learn more about the kava and kratom process at our kratom bar!

Kava is a tropical plant with heart shaped leaves found in the Pacific islands. Kava is another name for Piper methysticum. We offer kava drinks that result from the root being steeped in liquid. Customers can chase the kava with fruit or juice if they so choose. 

Our high quality kratom is harvested from fully developed trees that have been nurtured for more than 10 years. These capsules are sold exclusively at PCV's kratom bar!

Kava and kratom are known to assist with stress relief and pain management. It is a healthy alternative to antibiotics and harmful procedures. It relaxes muscles and nerves and induces a feeling of peace and tranquility. Kava and kratom both have the ability to enhance mental focus and concentration. 

Both of these substances are safe and healthy to consume, as they have been used safely for more than 3,000 years. There are not any known signs showing that these are physically addictive or harmful to those who are healthy. Visit or call our kratom bar and kava bar for more information.

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